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The Roads Of Our Land: Five Confusing Canadian Road Signs

Road signs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and can depict a huge variety of possible hazards or junctions or roads that cross paths with animals. The majority of these road signs are easy to understand and are understood by the majority of our fellow Canadians. But some of them just appear to be downright strange.

Of course, being out on the roads a lot, we have come across the strangest signs that Canada has to offer, and some of them have left us rather stumped. So from there, we decided to compile a list of these crazy signs so that we could present them to you.

Do you think you know road signs? Keep reading to find out.

1: Rocky Road, Or Half-Smoked Cigarette?

Image Source:

This of course alludes to tough terrain ahead, but it does look a little strange. We were thinking that maybe they’d have gotten a better understanding if they’d just included a photograph of a certain flavour of ice cream – everyone would recognise that!

2: Beaver Foetus Ahead

Image Source:

We aren’t entirely sure why they made it look so creepy, but this sign essentially says that the area is inhabited by beavers. Or beaver foetuses, as this particular image seems to depict. Whatever you do, don’t run over the pregnant beaver!

3: You’re About To Get T-Boned By Some Sort Of Flying Truck

Image Source:

Our only guess is that this sign means that there are trucks in the area, maybe they’re merging from a side-road or are turning at some sort of construction site maybe. What we aren’t sure of is why the truck is seemingly flying through mid-air, approaching innocent passers-by as they drive nonchalantly down the highway…

4: Some Giant Vegetables? Or Just A Really Tiny Shed?

Image Source:

This sign is put in place to inform the good road-users of Canada that there is giant produce for sale nearby. And when they say giant, they really mean giant. Look at the size of those things… We can’t decide if those are some super huge, genetically modified vegetables, or if they’ve put them into the world’s smallest shed.

5: Some Sort Of Death Ceremony?

Image Source:


Apparently, this is supposed to mean free shipping. We aren’t quite sure where in this sign that is supposed to be shown, but that’s what it’s meant to be getting at. It looks more like some sort of burial ritual, or maybe a sale on crippled hands and an urn to put them in.

Have You Seen Any Bizarre Signs On Your Travels?

If you have, please let us know. We’d love to see some more of our nation’s whacky signs. There are plenty out there, so no-doubt you will have seen some before.

As Canadians, these signs aren’t quite as bad as we’re making them out to be, and we do actually understand them. We just feel sorry for anyone from outside of the country who might come across these signs, they’ll probably think that Canada has gone insane!



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