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Three Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Paving Services In BC

Your parking lot pavement remains one of the most expensive parts and largest assets of your property when it comes to maintenance. For this reason, when looking for a contractor for paving services in BC (to help upkeep or repair the parking lot pavement), you need to carefully consider your options. After all, your parking lot maintenance is not only about filling in random holes. Instead, it is an equation that involves multiple variables that. If properly executed, will efficiently solve pavement issues for the long term.

While there are countless questions to ask your contractor, the below three questions are mandatory as each answer will help you ensure that you get the results you hope for. Ask your contractor the following questions before buying pavement services in BC:

What is The Main Cause of This Pavement Failure?

The answer to the above question will go a long way to help you determine which kind of repair will be appropriate (or the most cost-effective) for the job. Take an example, if there are areas of ponding in the low-lying parts, it may be the result of a drainage problem. By simply filling and patching affected areas would offer a short-term solution. Your catch basins might be clogged. There may not be enough drainage, which will in effect necessitate the replacement of the catch basin.

What is The Recommended Time-Frame For The Completion of This Repair?

This question’s answer will reveal when the repair has to be executed, and in what order, it has to be completed. The discussion should consider the physical location of each defect, the time of the year, and geographical location of your paving parking lot. For instance, if ponding is noticeable in the well-traveled drive lanes following a spring shower and this parking lot is situated in the wet climate, then you will ensure that the repair is addressed before spring.

Ultimately, widespread defects in your drive lanes and parking stops should take priority over the isolated problem areas that are behind your property. Take an example the particular season or climate in which the paving parking lot is situated should help you determine the best time to perform the maintenance.

What Application Processes And Materials Can You Suggest?

The long-term success of your parking lot pavement repair depends on the answer to the above question. The choice of material hinges on a range of factors such as pavement condition, location, and climate. Take an example, crack sealing materials must be specific to a particular area’s climate as these materials are designed to perform at particular temperatures. It isn’t advisable to select the materials simply based on cost. Make sure your contractor has a good working relationship with the manufacturers across the state as this will help provide crucial insight regarding which materials will be ideal for every market where you have properties.

Staying on track with the right application method is also crucial. Speak with your contractor regarding how he or she intends to apply or install specific products and that any process they choose is compliant with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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