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What Should You Know About Hiring A Paving Contractor In Vancouver?

There are a number of things home or business owners need to know before hiring a paving contractor in Vancouver. The primary consideration among them is the price. There are numerous factors that can impact the cost or outcome of a paving project. Besides that, deciding to go for the lowest bid doesn’t always guarantee the best result when it comes to choosing a paving contractor in Vancouver. The following considerations should help you make a good decision when deciding on who will be your paving contractor in Vancouver.


Majority of asphalt paving is recycled every time. There are various grades of asphalt that have different amounts of recycled materials. Having low-quality asphalt paving installed on your property can affect its look and the longevity of your pavement. Requesting premium quality asphalt that contains less amount of recycled material is a wiser option.


What kind of paving equipment does the agency have? Machines that breakdown frequently will ultimately delay the pace of your paving project. Since asphalt can quickly cool, waiting too long to fix it can affect your pavement’s appearance upon completion. Equipment that is properly maintained is vital for any asphalt project. Do not hire anyone that does paving by hand. Be aware of contractors that tell you that they can pave by hand. The quality won’t be up to that done with a paving machine. The same applies to the efficiency of the job.


Just as it is with auto insurance, most paving contractors opt for the minimum insurance policy required by state law. In the event that an accident happens when they are working on your property, you would want to be protected. To get the necessary protection, your paving contractor should purchase the following insurance packages:

    General Liability, Workers Compensation, Auto Liability, and the Umbrella policy. Minimum $500,000 per coverage to $1-$2 million is better.

Sufficient Crew

Does the company have an adequate crew? An asphalt paving crew must consist of 5 to 8 workers. Of course, this will depend on the job’s size. Being understaffed affects the outcome of your paving project, and delays it. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that everyone in their crew is covered by insurance accordingly.

Down Payment

Unless your parking lot project is going to be worth over $10,000, you shouldn’t be making any down payment to the contractor for your paving project. Most reputable paving companies own lines of credit with material suppliers around the territory. They shouldn’t require deposits from you. Depositing your funds with a paving contractor can put you at the risk of misusing your funds. It is unfortunate, but there are agencies out there that use customer deposits to finish other paving projects.

Bottom Line

It helps to think of paving as an investment for the long term. A correctly installed, paving can last no less than 20 years. Saving a few dollars may cost you thousands more down the road. Ensure that you research properly and ask questions. In the end, you will be able to make a well-informed decision when choosing a paving contractor in Vancouver.


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