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Choosing A Contractor For Asphalt Paving In Vancouver

While there are numerous contractors of asphalt paving in Vancouver, the quality of their services and their charges both vary widely. So, you need to apply some important tips if you have to get the best asphalt paving in Vancouver at the lowest cost. Here are some of the tips

Get several quotes

You can’t get the best asphalt paving in Vancouver by consulting and hiring only one service provider. Even if the paving contractor was referred to you, you should still contact some other ones. What if there are better contractors in Vancouver with lower charges?

Apart from that, you won’t know if the quote is fantastic or a complete rip off if you don’t compare it with the quotes of others. Most importantly, since there are numerous service providers, it becomes a rule of the thumb for you to take advantage of the competition within the industry by comparing quotes.

No two paving services are completely similar so service providers cannot cast their quotes on stone. You can always negotiate it to get a price reduction albeit just a little. If you need the service for your official building, then you should remember that cost saving is profit maximization.

Go for experience

It will cost you a huge sum of money to get quality paving, so you must ensure you get the very best. This can only be provided by a highly experienced paving contractor. This is because experience comes with a very high level of expertise.

However, you also need to be careful as it is not uncommon for contractors to inflate their years of experience just to attract customers. There are two ways to go about this. The first one is to seek documentary evidence of their years of experience.

The second way is to ask for their past projects. In fact, the second method is better as it will enable you assess their level of creativity and innovation. This will even give you more confidence in their services.

Consider their safety measure

Construction sites have the highest number of work related accidents. So, you should enquire about their safety measures if any. Bear in mind that the most important safety measure is full health insurance. This one concerns you so much. If any accident occurs to any employee while working on your job, it is your legal obligation to foot the bill if the employee does not have any health insurance policy.

So, you should hire only a company that is fully insured. Don’t be swayed by the fact that the company has not encountered any accident for the past “twenty” years. An accident can always occur anytime and it could occur while serving you.

Paving construction requires sophisticated equipment

You should also try to assess the kind of equipment they use. This is another way to assess contractors. In other words, you must visit the office of your contractor before hiring them.

Consider cost

It is understandable that experienced contractors often charge higher since quality does not come cheap. However, the charges of all experienced contractors still vary. So, you may need to pick the one with the lowest charges among experienced paving contractors in Vancouver.

In conclusion, while all the factors outlined above are very important, experience and full insurance are the two most important ones and should never be compromised for any reason.


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